We are nurses with over 25 years of experience in caring and handling sensitive issues. We are a family business. We are parents. We’re familiar with seeing what, and who, needs help—then helping. We are Carolina Bio Cleanup.


Carolina Bio Cleanup is a fully licensed, insured and bonded professional bio-hazard and crime-scene cleaning company. In fact, apart from surpassing each OSHA standard, we double our insurance coverage from the standard rate for our team and for your benefit. With the highest standards, and the highest motivation (sanitization, your safety and the safety of our workers), we conduct thorough cleanings and work closely with officials to make sure your property is at its best so that you can continue toward a better next step.


We have over ten years of experience and a spotless record. We’ve handled several calls and several situations throughout the years. We work closely with local law enforcement–many of whom refer us to those in need of such services.

We work in a field in which we hope we never get a call. However, when we do, we know we are dealing with the hearts, minds and emotions of wounded, stressed and worried clients. With that in mind, our motivation is always to help set your world a littler righter, brighter and better.

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