Bio Cleaning

At Carolina Bio Cleanup, we do what we do because it needs to be done. That doesn’t mean that we don’t recognize the care and compassion that should accompany every step. While we encounter these situations every day, we know that those who need our services do not. We are contacted due to events that are unfortunate and often still taking an emotional toll on those affected and involved. While you and your family/loved ones focus on each other, we can focus on helping you move forward. The unfortunate events that we confidently handle include:

Blood Removal

Blood may not only occur from a fatality. Our team is equipped to handle all sorts of bio clean-up situations in Rock Hill, and Fort Mill, SC. Whether you’ve had a fall or major injury (even if you’ve had an event such as an in-home birth) our team can get your home back in order fast.

Biohazard Cleanup & Hazardous Waste Removal

The laws surrounding bio-product disposal are serious. You must utilize a licensed, reputable company (like Carolina Bio Cleanup) in order to avoid serious repercussions and health risks. FEMA currently recognizes our impeccable track record by including us in national disaster response teams and our record is spotless.

Feces & Urine Cleanup

Feces and urine can create not only an unpleasant odor but present real hazards to your health. In hoarding situations, animal related issues, or health circumstances, many people don’t take proper steps in decontamination which in turn affects their property values and overall quality of life. Whether it’s animal or human, our team knows how to decontaminate effectively and set your property to its former value.

Suicide & Homicide Cleanup

It is an unfortunate truth that these situations do arise. While we hope you never need to contact us regarding this issue, we are prepared and equipped to react promptly and thoroughly in your unique situation. Our communication with you, officials and others involved in the needs of the clean-up is concise and caring—as is our process.

Body Decomposition & Undiscovered Death

Even a time period less than 48 hours of an undiscovered body can create hazards and environmental issues in a property. There are intricate steps that must be taken at this time to make sure you can make the next step in healing. Extensive removal must sometimes be completed to eradicate the health hazard and to control the overwhelming odor that may be left behind and interrupt the owner’s or inhabitant’s ability to move forward.

Vehicle Decontamination

Many situations affect not just living properties but mobile properties such as vehicles. While the law enforcements we work with often handle or accompany this process, we at Carolina Bio Cleanup make sure to effectively de-contaminate and de-odorize when necessary in our cleanup process. For many, a vehicle is a necessity, and we respect that utilization of that property affects many aspects of your life—therefore, we are prompt and thorough with all vehicle cleanups.

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