Deep Cleaning/De-Cluttering

De-cluttering a space may sound simple but it can actually be a tough job on your own. It can be dangerous without the right equipment, disposal knowledge and perhaps the worst attribute: it’s time-consuming. With our team and services, the hard work is off of you and on us. We take care of moving, hauling, cleaning and sanitizing. We know exactly how to lift, load and dispose of materials properly. And should a more serious or hazardous need be uncovered in this process, our team is experienced–well beyond the average cleaning service–to handle those elements.

Attic De-Cluttering/Garage De-Cluttering

Clutter is dangerous—more injuries occur in homes than they should due to clutter. Whether it’s spring cleaning or an emergency action that needs to take place, we at Carolina Bio Cleanup are more than happy to come take over the tough job of de-cluttering your space so you can re-organize your life.

Moving Out

You’ve got enough on your mind during a big move. Whether you’re renovating a rental property, preparing to move yourself, or simply cleaning up following the former tenants, our team at Carolina Bio Cleanup can detail your space to pristine condition for the next happy dwellers. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and fast response (let’s face it, moving often holds surprises). Feel free to ask us about our process and the products we utilize.

Extreme Sanitization

Sometimes it’s just nice to know your home is thoroughly “clean”. As a homeowner, property owner, or a parent, there’s nothing better than knowing your space is safe and sanitized for yourself, your children and those who enter. We take deep-cleaning and sanitization seriously. We are also happy to answer any questions you have about products we use or our sanitizing process.

The Extra Step in De-Cluttering is Caring

We also know that de-cluttering and deep-cleaning is not a simple process since it involves heirlooms and personal belongings. Our team communicates and truly listens to your desires while also making the positive steps towards making your property its best for your future plans.


Your time and home is precious. We’d love to help you restore your spaces to their original, organized and stress-free grandeur!

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