4.5 million Americans have a hoarding problem. Since 2013, “hoarding” has become its own disorder and is no longer lumped into other categories of mental or emotional struggles. It has fortunately received great light and those who are often at its mercy are now finding places to get the help they need to live a better and more focused life. At Carolina Bio Cleanup we see hoarders as people, who like many of us, have simply allowed something to overtake a bit of their life and themselves. We see our job as a cleanup party to start their life on a renewed foot. Did you know? Most hoarders and those living in hoarding situations don’t seek help due to embarrassment?

Hoarding can impair:

Health (mold, bacteria and other hazards can create a multitude of health problems for those living in a hoarding situation)

Mobility issues (an excess of items can inhibit walkways leading to injury)

Cleaning and self-care (those in hoarding situations often can’t properly organize and clean their homes leading to health hazards/lack of sleep and lack of personal care)

Infestations (vermin and insects can quickly develop in locations with hoarding situations due to lack of sanitization and cleanliness)

Our team at Carolina Bio Cleanup believe in bringing help and hope to those in these situations. We initially make an assessment and relay exactly what we, in our expert opinion and experience, feel is best for you. If our services are deemed needed by you we will take steps to set up an appointment to begin the process.

Not only do we clean, de-clutter and organize the locations we walk into, but we also converse and learn about the homeowner or property owner so that we can better understand their needs when it comes to clutter removal and communication about what should be done.

Hoarding is not a new problem, it has simply been brought to light in the past few years. And we are proud to be a company that assists and succeeds in bringing multiple people their homes and lives back to order. We understand that this is a sensitive subject and we take monumental steps to bridge all the gaps that may occur in the average business’ communication or concern.

If you believe you may have a hoarding situation or are concerned about a friend or a loved one, we’d be glad to discuss these issues over the phone.

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